Great Events at Popular Seattle Landmarks

While the history of the United States of America is relatively short by world standards, the history of the West Coast of the United States is even shorter. But just because the history is short, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wealth of great buildings, cultural artifacts, and heritage to celebrate. Seattle, Washington certainly has a rich and diverse history that is worth exploring.


Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market was established in 1907 and is the oldest and most famous in the city. But the market isn’t just for farmers. Plan to visit over nine acres of craft shops and restaurants. Don’t forget the many festivals and events scheduled here throughout the year, like the Buskers Festival, the Cheese Festival, the Flower Festival, and the Street Festival. There is always something happening at Pike Place Market to keep any visitor entertained.

Smith Tower

The Smith Tower skyscraper on the south side of Seattle will celebrate its centennial on July 4, 2014. Once the tallest building on the West Coast, it once dominated the Seattle skyline and still provides breathtaking views of the city from the observation deck. Tours to the observation deck are available daily. Also, check out some of the other tours that start in Pioneer Square near the tower and explore the city.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park occupies the majority of what was once Fort Lawton, a U.S. Military base. Now it is over 500 acres of preserved land with breathtaking views of the Puget Sound. Make sure to visit the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center located on 20 miles within the park, or visit in July for the annual Seafair Pow Wow, a cultural and heritage celebration by the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. Discover Park is full of beauty and heritage and provides activities and points of interest sure to satisfy the whole family.


Celebrated Historical Buildings in Phoenix

The history of Phoenix, Arizona goes back in United States history as far as the Civil war times. Arizona, a peaceful area of the time and place, far west of those chaotic civil war days, drew one confederate there. Seeing the potential for homesteading, Jack Swilling built a city on the many canals already used by the native Americans of the area and founded Phoenix in 1868. When booking your flight, use the best flights booking app you can.

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Arizona Capitol Building and Museum

Built-in 1900 by James Riely Gordon, the Capitol building of Arizona is one of the most handsome of state capitol buildings. It includes a museum of artifacts that details the founding of Arizona as well as Phoenix. With a design that included a dome rotunda much like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, lack of funds reduced Riely Gordon’s design to a smaller top and eliminated the wings he had initially designed for the building. The entire building is built with copper and granite mined in the Arizona mines. Insulated by thick masonry walls, the building is constantly protected from the heat of the desert climate. Exhibits of the museum include the gravesite of Governor of Arizona, Wesley Bolin. One of the oldest buildings in Phoenix, it is open to the public daily. 

The Luhrs Building

In 1924, a ten-story building became Phoenix’s tallest building to date. Built by businessman George Luhr, the top flours became the new Arizona Club, with dining and bedrooms for members. The bottom floors were used as offices for prominent Phoenix businesses. It is a beautiful brown brick building, topped by a marble decorative two stories under a heavy cornice roof. The towers were built five years after the main structure was completed. The Luhrs building remained the tallest building in Arizona for three years until it was replaced by Westward Ho, in 1927.