Risking all of your chips

If you raise pre-flop and someone else calls, you can be fairly certain that he isn’t going for a low/medium straight possibility. Being able to eliminate these kind of options for your opponent’s hand can help with your decision to be confident about putting all your chips in the center after win and put it to paysafe card casino online.

What not to do – Situations you should avoid
I’m going to be honest; there are way too many online poker players that will go all-in at the drop of a hat. A lot of times, these players look very impatient like they are playing mobile poker and have there attention elsewhere. Others who do this simply think they can bully everyone else out of the hand. This act will only accomplish a couple of things in certain scenarios.

Let’s say that I call or had a small raise pre-flop, something that wouldn’t scare many other players away. The one mistake I see players make is going all in because they have the top pair plus an ace.

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7 times out of 10, you’ll scare everyone else away and seriously stunt your ability to make a serious dent in another player’s chip stack. 1 out of 10 times, you’ll get a sucker that also has top pair. The other 2 out of 10 times, you’re going to be in some serious trouble. Two pairs is something that you won’t often come back from and if you made it cheap for other players at first, you’re digging your own grave.

The big mistake I see people making in Texas Hold’em is going all-in when it isn’t warranted. When the risk vs reward doesn’t make sense, like going all-in to win a small pot, the outcome is easy to see: You are going to negate possible big wins when everyone else folds and the only time you are going to be called is when someone else has you beat.

Going all-in can be a powerful statement to everyone else at the poker table. Abusing this power by not treating the move with respect will earn you many more disappointing moments then you need to endure. Using the all-in move to win blinds and small pots is not necessary, unless you are already in dire straights.

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