What About Clearing

You’re going to make money regardless of your results as long as you’re not losing a huge amount on the tables which you probably won’t be since you watch these grips poker videos you’re going to find that you make a good solid amount of money just from your bonuses alone and then any winning to get on top of that design on the cake so you can see and imagine why as a beginner or a relatively new player bonuses are so fantastic because even if all you can do is break even you still get to have that positive wedding experience. More info on clearing rate at CasinoSlots.

When you play your session so I think it’s pretty cool and I know when I was coming up I would hop from site to site to site finding all the best bonuses and just build it clear it on to the next one and it really helped to be the process I mean that’s money you can use to help you take shots at the next limit or you know you could use your bonus money to pay your bills while you keep your bankroll online so you don’t have to cash out for stuff like that there’s so much you can do with this bonus money it’s just free money waiting to be giving away so how do you get the most from your bonuses well the first thing is to look at what percent their matching some bonuses will be a hundred percent match so if you deposit a hundred dollars you get a hundred dollar bonus some bonuses will be like a five hundred percent match so if you deposit two hundred dollars you’ll get a thousand dollars of bones now that’s all well and good but the sink doesn’t just give you that money to play with right away and for the sites that do you have to wager that amount of certain time before you cash it so don’t think it’s just instantly free money you have to earn that much you have to work it off.

And that’s why the next thing is very important is the clearing ripped how many points do you get for every dollar you pain and rake and how many points do you need to get to clear a dollar off your bonus if for example for every dollar in pain rake you get a point and one point is worth a dollar on your bonus you one hundred percent clearing rate every dollar you paid in rake you would get back in your bonus now most bonuses are going to arrange somewhere from twenty to fifty percent and if you find some really good ones they’ll be even higher but it’s important to know the clearing ready because a lot of times there are sites will offer multiple bonuses to choose from and the biggest one often has the worst clearing rate and when you’re doing this bonus ing and bankroll building thing you want to find the bonus is with the best clearing rate.

Five Card Stud

Unlike Five Card Draw, Five Card Stud used to be fairly common in casinos, both offline and on. This game used to be the premier poker option, but today it has largely been replaced by Texas Hold’em and Omaha. In an offline live game, Five Card Stud is very difficult because you have to closely monitor all the cards showing on the table and recalculate your odds repeatedly through the hand. Further, it is a game where bluffing can be strategically employed, so this means you have to closely monitor each of the other players. While this last fact is true online as well, all the calculations can be done via computer in an online game, making it much easier to play.

The Basics

Five Card Stud is unique because almost all the cards are visible to the table. You are initially given two cards: one up and one down. After this you go through three more cycles of betting, each involving one more card being lain up on the table. So by the end of the hand, four out of every five cards held by each player is visible to all the others. Otherwise the rules and values are basically the same as in other poker games. The one small exception to this being that an ace can play either high or low in straights.

Since you can see most of the hands of all the other players as well as those cards that have been folded, observing what cards have already been played and thereby deducing what cards are still in the deck is essential to playing Five Card Stud. In live games this takes a lot of mental work as not only to you have to keep track of all the cards being played by everyone else, you also have to calculate what you need while closely monitoring the play behavior of the other people at the table. Subterfuge, such as bluffing, is a key tactic in Five Card Stud, so making assessments about the style of other players is also important.

Simple Strategies

Generally speaking, Five Card Stud is a game of high cards and pairs, not straights and flushes. Staying in a game chasing after a straight or a flush is usually a losing strategy unless you have three cards to a straight or a flush by the third street and you know the card you need is still in play somewhere. Since you can see most of your opponent’s hands you should be able to keep track of whether the card(s) you need are still “live” – or in play – or if they have been discarded. This is much easier in online Five Card Stud because the computer can be used to record what cards are have shown and to calculate the odds and percentages.

The primary key to winning at Five Card Stud is knowing when to fold. Basically, playable opening hands are: (a) having a pair of anything; (b) both your cards are higher than the rest on the table; or, (c) a hole card that is higher than any other card on the table. If you do not have at least a pair by the third card, you should probably fold. Unless your hole card gives you a strong hand, you should also fold if your total hand is beaten just by card you can see on the table. it is also important to note that bluffing is a major part of Five Card Stud, so from time to time it may be strategically wide to get caught bluffing, just to confuse your opposition.

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Risking all of your chips

If you raise pre-flop and someone else calls, you can be fairly certain that he isn’t going for a low/medium straight possibility. Being able to eliminate these kind of options for your opponent’s hand can help with your decision to be confident about putting all your chips in the center after win and put it to paysafe card casino online.

What not to do – Situations you should avoid
I’m going to be honest; there are way too many online poker players that will go all-in at the drop of a hat. A lot of times, these players look very impatient like they are playing mobile poker and have there attention elsewhere. Others who do this simply think they can bully everyone else out of the hand. This act will only accomplish a couple of things in certain scenarios.

Let’s say that I call or had a small raise pre-flop, something that wouldn’t scare many other players away. The one mistake I see players make is going all in because they have the top pair plus an ace.

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7 times out of 10, you’ll scare everyone else away and seriously stunt your ability to make a serious dent in another player’s chip stack. 1 out of 10 times, you’ll get a sucker that also has top pair. The other 2 out of 10 times, you’re going to be in some serious trouble. Two pairs is something that you won’t often come back from and if you made it cheap for other players at first, you’re digging your own grave.

The big mistake I see people making in Texas Hold’em is going all-in when it isn’t warranted. When the risk vs reward doesn’t make sense, like going all-in to win a small pot, the outcome is easy to see: You are going to negate possible big wins when everyone else folds and the only time you are going to be called is when someone else has you beat.

Going all-in can be a powerful statement to everyone else at the poker table. Abusing this power by not treating the move with respect will earn you many more disappointing moments then you need to endure. Using the all-in move to win blinds and small pots is not necessary, unless you are already in dire straights.

Best Casinos to Play Online Slots

Gambling has been running through our veins from time immemorial. We all love the thrill and excitement that rushes through our bold during we gamble. Modern-day gambling is done in a much-sophisticated way and it has been protected by law as well. These modern-day gambling houses are named as casinos. All over the world, there are many casinos, we can find a casino in any part of the world. But the best place to find it is the Capital of Casinos Las Vegas.

Not everyone is interested in playing just poker or blackjack. People are bored of these games and want to try something new. Both the games give us pleasure and money but they have become ancient. Players who want gamble by taking risks are always on the lookout for new games every time. Hence for these people playing slots is a better option. Many things can be done at the same time. Like you can play, learn and relax at the same time.

slots payout

The worst place of playing casino slots in Vegas is the airport. The machines are too tight and they don’t give away. So it will be a loss if one plays here. The best place of playing this free casino slots is the hotel which is reasonably priced, where there are decent casinos that offer slot payouts. These decently priced hotels might not be the best luxury hotel in Vegas but they do provide the best slot payout services. These slot payouts are reasonably priced when compared with the casinos offering the same quality service.

But in case one is not bothered about the slot payouts that much then he can book himself the best luxurious hotel he can find in Vegas. If one can afford to stay there then he is probably not interested if he incurs some losses on the slot payout percentages.

While we are in the casinos we are awed by the sheer adrenaline rush of excitement that we go through. It is a feeling that is indescribable and out of this world. We are often amazed by the whole activity and we love to get involved in this great din. Hence we love it when we are in a casino. The food, drinks, ambiance and the people in it fulfill the desire of a player and for this reason, only he wants to come back again and again.

Major Bridges in Seattle

There are many landmarks in all of the cities in the world. The city of Seattle in the state of Washington is no exception. Seattle has structures such as the baseball stadium Safeco Field, the football stadium known as Qwest Field and the world famous Space Needle. Another one of its landmarks are the bridges in Seattle. The Seattle bridges provide roadways for people to navigate and get around the city and the surrounding areas. With bridges, people will be able to get more beneficial use of their transportation and have even more ways to get to their destination. The bridges are an integral part of the city’s infrastructure.


Ballard Bridge

The first bridge of Seattle is known as the Ballard Bridge. The Ballard bridge is one of the major bridges of the city of Seattle. This is one of the key landmarks of the city and allows people to gain access to many parts of town. With the Ballard Bridge, both residents and tourists will have a convenient way of getting to different locations throughout the city.

Fremont Bridge

One of the other bridges of Seattle is known as the Fremont Bridge. The Fremont Bridge is another one of the major bridges of Seattle. Like the Ballard bridge, this bridge spans over many waterways and connects to the various neighborhoods in the city. As a result, this bridge provides more convenience and ease for getting around in the city.

University Bridge

Another one of the major bridges of Seattle is the University Bridge. With the University bridge, people are able to gain access to the University District, Eastlake, and Capitol Hill neighborhoods. By allowing this access people in the city will be able to get to various destinations more easily and efficiently. Since many people look to find shortcuts to the various neighborhoods, they can use this bridge to help them get to their desired destination within a reasonable amount of time.

Southwest Spokane Street Swing Bridge

Lastly, there is the Southwest Spokane Street Swing Bridge. This bridge is one of the most intriguing and most distinguished bridges of Seattle. The bridge has won many awards for outstanding construction and engineering. The bridge is able to be raised in order to allow boats to get through and around the various bodies of water surrounding the city. Like all of the other bridges, this one allows for easy and convenient access to the many various neighborhoods in the city.

Great Events at Popular Seattle Landmarks

While the history of the United States of America is relatively short by world standards, the history of the West Coast of the United States is even shorter. But just because the history is short, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a wealth of great buildings, cultural artifacts, and heritage to celebrate. Seattle, Washington certainly has a rich and diverse history that is worth exploring.


Pike Place Market

The Pike Place Market was established in 1907 and is the oldest and most famous in the city. But the market isn’t just for farmers. Plan to visit over nine acres of craft shops and restaurants. Don’t forget the many festivals and events scheduled here throughout the year, like the Buskers Festival, the Cheese Festival, the Flower Festival, and the Street Festival. There is always something happening at Pike Place Market to keep any visitor entertained.

Smith Tower

The Smith Tower skyscraper on the south side of Seattle will celebrate its centennial on July 4, 2014. Once the tallest building on the West Coast, it once dominated the Seattle skyline and still provides breathtaking views of the city from the observation deck. Tours to the observation deck are available daily. Also, check out some of the other tours that start in Pioneer Square near the tower and explore the city.

Discovery Park

Discovery Park occupies the majority of what was once Fort Lawton, a U.S. Military base. Now it is over 500 acres of preserved land with breathtaking views of the Puget Sound. Make sure to visit the Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center located on 20 miles within the park, or visit in July for the annual Seafair Pow Wow, a cultural and heritage celebration by the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation. Discover Park is full of beauty and heritage and provides activities and points of interest sure to satisfy the whole family.


Celebrated Historical Buildings in Phoenix

The history of Phoenix, Arizona goes back in United States history as far as the Civil war times. Arizona, a peaceful area of the time and place, far west of those chaotic civil war days, drew one confederate there. Seeing the potential for homesteading, Jack Swilling built a city on the many canals already used by the native Americans of the area and founded Phoenix in 1868. When booking your flight, use the best flights booking app you can.

phoenix arizona

Arizona Capitol Building and Museum

Built-in 1900 by James Riely Gordon, the Capitol building of Arizona is one of the most handsome of state capitol buildings. It includes a museum of artifacts that details the founding of Arizona as well as Phoenix. With a design that included a dome rotunda much like Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, lack of funds reduced Riely Gordon’s design to a smaller top and eliminated the wings he had initially designed for the building. The entire building is built with copper and granite mined in the Arizona mines. Insulated by thick masonry walls, the building is constantly protected from the heat of the desert climate. Exhibits of the museum include the gravesite of Governor of Arizona, Wesley Bolin. One of the oldest buildings in Phoenix, it is open to the public daily. 

The Luhrs Building

In 1924, a ten-story building became Phoenix’s tallest building to date. Built by businessman George Luhr, the top flours became the new Arizona Club, with dining and bedrooms for members. The bottom floors were used as offices for prominent Phoenix businesses. It is a beautiful brown brick building, topped by a marble decorative two stories under a heavy cornice roof. The towers were built five years after the main structure was completed. The Luhrs building remained the tallest building in Arizona for three years until it was replaced by Westward Ho, in 1927. 

Trying New Things is a Good Thing

You probably will have heard of the cliché: life is a journey. But as with every platitude, there is truth in this. One way or another, life is a journey to discover yourself, the world, and how you interact with it. Even if you want it or not.

Remember when you were a kid? Everything was new and everything had to be explored. Life as a kid is very vibrant. Somehow when we get older we lose this notion a bit. When we grow up, more rules are in place, more rules, and more obligations. Before you know it, you are in a daily routine of sleeping, working, consuming which seemingly never ends.


For most people, many things become a routine when they become adults. This is also when the lows set in. Do not get me wrong, routines are part of life and are good to achieve some quality of life. If you do things more often, you get better at them. But I am convinced that in this modern world, we are overly routinized. Everything becomes standardized. People are afraid to lose their possessions, what they have, and therefore stick to the things they know best.

Again this is common human behavior. But so is the urge for say, self-destruction. In other words, the fact that it is common human behavior does not mean that it makes us happier. For millions of years, humans were part of free, wandering tribes, roaming the earth. And along the way, we were bound to engage in some surprises. Our genetics evolved to cope with this and made that we actually get pumped with adrenaline when experiencing new things (in a good way).

That is why, if you are feeling on a low, it could be beneficial to force yourself onto new challenges. New experiences will sharpen your senses, will make you feel alive. Only if you are really doing it, you will exactly know what that means.

For instance, if you are stuck in finding a good challenge, try one or more of these:

  • Taking a new route or transport to work
  •  Eat something you have never eaten before
  • Cook something you have never cooked before
  •  Go to a country where you normally never would go to (i.e. go to Myanmar instead of Italy)
  • Wear new clothes you would normally never wear
  • Talk to people out of your social group (i.e. talk to someone in the café next to you)
  • Learn a new (physical) sport or activity as surfing, climbing

Some of these may sound scary at first. But once you completed a challenge for the first time, you will feel a joy that you had the guts to take a go at it and you will feel proud that you did something new. You broke out of your routine.

And remember, what is the worst that can happen? The picture that scenario in your mind, laugh at the outcome, and do the new thing. Because trying new things is the best thing. Doing something you did before is inferior. Remember this when you hesitate to engage in a new experience.

How to overcome jet lag Part 2

Best Remedy: Adjust to Your New Daily Cycle as Quick as Possible

A good way to cure a jet lag is to get attuned to your new daily rhythm as quickly as possible. Follow the new schedule and do not look back. Just pretend you have been in that place already for a long time. So do not go earlier to bed as you normally would and especially do not oversleep. This can be hard the first night but the next nights will be so much easier. So ideally you will only have to endure a jet lag the first day (depending on your physical condition of course).

If you fly west-east you will arrive in a later time zone. It can be difficult to get to sleep because for your body clock it is still morning/afternoon while the local time is at night. One way to overcome this is to not sleep on the plane so that you feel tired enough to fall asleep. Sometimes a little alcohol after you have arrived (i.e. one glass of wine maximum) can work very well to put you into the sleepy zone also.

jet lag

In case you fly east-west you will arrive in an earlier time zone. If you arrive at night that can be perfect as you can go to bed quickly. When you did not sleep well on the plane you will feel tired but it is important that you stretch a couple of hours until your normal bedtime. You can differentiate one hour when that is more convenient.

Now, there are also medical supplicants to help you go to sleep easily or that even can make your body clock more quickly. We do not recommend these, for the main reason that they are unnatural shortcuts for a non-critical physical condition (if you are a healthy person). These supplements will likely stretch out the problem of a jet lag over the long run. Of course, a little alcohol to sleep or a little caffeine to wake up is perfectly fine to use for overcoming a jet lag, if your medical condition allows it.

In any case, the bottom line to overcome a jet lag is: do not engage in crazy solutions or long drawn sleeping adjustments. Cold turkey is the way to go. Get accustomed to your new daily routine as quick as possible and you will be fit and proper in no time.

The Best Way to Overcome a Jet Lag Part 1

Everyone who has taken an airplane over multiple time zones has experienced it some way or another: jet lag. It can happen to anyone, from first-time travelers to experienced air pilots. If after extensive travel you have difficulties to sleep but feel dead tired, hard to keep focus and your whole rhythm is smashed, then you know it. You have a jet lag.

In a medical sense, a jet lag is a period where your body has to adapt to its new operational time cycle. As humans, we have circadian rhythms or in other words, innate biological clocks. It determines when we go to sleep and when we wake up. We are animals who are built to be awake at day and at sleep at night. Travelling over time zones quickly can shake your rhythm and may cause you insomnia and rest problems for a short period because your sleep and wake times are not in tune with the daily routine of your new environment.

A jet lag is not a serious medical condition but it can influence your way of behavior in the first days after you have arrived. Some even suffer from a jet lag a month in.

jet lag

What Factors Contribute to a Jet Lag?

The main reason that makes you have a jet lag is that you travel over time zones quickly, without giving your body the time to adjust to the new daily cycle. Most often this happens because you travel by plane. There are also minor other causes for a jet lag, including unable to sleep on the plane, lack of oxygen at the place of arrival and the time of departure. When you depart early in the morning (i.e. 2 am) while flying to the west, you do not have time to sleep that night, while you gain extra day hours in your journey to the west. That means that you will be likely to be very tired the first days after you arrived.

So what to do about a jet lag? Here are the best ways.

Prevent a Jet Lag from Happening in the First Place

If you can prevent the causes of jet lag in the first place then you will not have to worry about it. Some methods to prevent a jet lag from happening are:

  • Travel at a slow pace, so take the train/boat/car instead of the plane.
  • Sleep on the plane. If this is difficult try to acquire eye pads, neck support, and earplugs. These will make it much easier to sleep in a crowded area. In special cases, it can be beneficial to skip sleep on the plane though (see below).
  • Depart late at night (if you sleep on the plane) when going west-east or depart in the afternoon when going east-west. In this way, you can smuggle a couple of hours and regain your normal rhythm quickly.
  • Stick to your normal sleep patterns as at home. This is only advisable when you are away for a couple of days though.
  • Be physically fit. A healthy body can take much more and will have much fewer problems with a jet lag. A good way to achieve as well as to drink a lot of water (no alcohol) and to keep active during the trip.

However, if you cannot do this and/or you do have a jet lag, here is the best remedy to cure it quickly.

Everyone who has taken an airplane over multiple time zones has experienced it some way or another: jet lag. It can happen to anyone, from first-time travelers to experienced air pilots. If after extensive travel you have difficulties to sleep but feel dead tired, hard to keep focus and your whole rhythm is smashed, then you know it. You have a jet lag.

In a medical sense, a jet lag is a period where your body has to adapt to its new operational time cycle. As humans, we have circadian rhythms or in other words, innate biological clocks. It determines when we go to sleep and when we wake up. We are animals who are built to be awake at day and at sleep at night. Travelling over time zones quickly can shake your rhythm and may cause you insomnia and rest problems for a short period because your sleep and wake times are not in tune with the daily routine of your new environment.

A jet lag is not a serious medical condition but it can influence your way of behavior in the first days after you have arrived. Some even suffer from a jet lag a month in.